Educational Technology

The Office of Educational Technology supports the development of new technology tools that enable school-level innovation which customizes, builds upon and leverages existing DOE platforms such as ARIS as well provides professional development and support to schools as they work to integrate technology into the classroom. Here is a link to information about work NYC is doing to support technology in the classroom through Title IID grant funding.

    ARIS provides teachers with student achievement data and instructional resources all on the same platform.

    The Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS) is a first of its kind innovation system that applies assessment, analytics and reporting tools with goals of:
    • Empowering educators to improve student outcomes
    • Transforming information into improved classroom practice
    • Stimulating, capturing, validating, and disseminating innovation

    ARIS provides educators with a consolidated view of student learning-related data and tools to collaborate and share knowledge about how to accelerate student learning.

    Parents and guardians, can log in to ARIS through ARIS Parent Link.

    Educators, for help with your e-mail address or password, or general help logging in, view the First Time Login Guide.  For additional assistance logging in, contact the DIIT Help Desk at (718) 935-5100.