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Yearly Testing

The New York City Chinese Reading Test

Who takes this test?

New York City students in grades 3 through 12 whose native language is Chinese and who are receiving Chinese language arts instruction take the Chinese Reading Test.

Students with disabilities may not need to take the tests, according to their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

What is on the test?

The Chinese Reading Test is a one-hour, multiple choice test. It contains three types of questions: vocabulary, language usage, and language comprehension, which assess whether students can recognize main ideas, recall details, draw inferences, and judge the literary style of a passage.

How are the results reported?

Results are reported as a score and a percentile. The score is simply the number of correct answers. The percentile rank is how high a student scores compared to all students who took the test. If a student is in the 70th percentile, he or she scored higher than 70 percent of the students tested.

How are the results used?

Teachers and principals use the results from the Chinese Reading Test to help them make decisions about whether or not a student will be promoted to the next level of Chinese language arts. The test is used for program evaluation, and teachers and principals use Chinese Reading Test results to improve the programs they offer.