School Practice Profile QR Sub Indicator 4.2b

Teacher teams consistently analyze assessment data and student work for students they share or on whom they are focused, typically resulting in improved teacher practice and progress toward goals for groups of students

Example Teacher Team Practice

One way teacher teams work together at this school is by engaging in a three week professional development cycle to conduct what the school calls “lesson study”. Teachers begin by collaboratively analyzing student work from a pre-assessment administered by one of their peers (the “host teacher”). Next, the team reviews a lesson plan created by the host teacher that responds to the student needs identified in the pre-assessment and they suggest revisions to improve the lesson. The team goes on to observe the host teacher teach the lesson. Lastly, they follow-up with feedback on the teacher’s instruction and students’ learning using the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Watch Video of Teacher Teams in Action

The Scholars' Academy math teacher team conducts the three week lesson study cycle.


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