Resources for Reviewers

2013-14 Quality Review Documents for Reviewers

Reviewer Handbook

This document, updated for 2013-14, explains Quality Review policies and procedures for reviewers.

Record Book with Guiding Questions

The 2013-14 Record Book for reviewers that includes updated guiding questions for each sub-indicator of the Quality Review rubric. For a Microsoft Word document version, go here.

Record Book

The 2013-14 Record Book for reviewers. For a Microsoft Word document version, go here.

Classroom Visitation Tool

This document, updated for the 2013-14 school year, provides the reviewer with a tool to record his or her low-inference observations during classroom visits.

Summary Feedback Template

This template helps frame provisional feedback for the principal at the end of the last day of the review.

Report Template

Quality Review report template.

Reader Feedback Form

2012-13 version of the feedback form for report drafts; this form will be updated shortly.

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