Developing Quality Review

Alternative Quality Reviews refer to formative reviews that are conducted by the school’s network. These reviews do not yield a published report although reports for all schools identified as Priority or Focus by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) will be submitted to NYSED. 

The Developing Quality Review (DQR) is designed to provide schools that received a rating of developing on their 2012-13 Quality Review with the opportunity to work together with their network team to strengthen the school’s instructional core, improve student outcomes, and meet the criteria for reaching proficient or well-developed on the Quality Review.

Documents for the 2013-14 DQR

2013-14 Developing Quality Review List

The list of schools slated to receive a Developing Quality Review this year.

Developing Quality Review Guidance Document

This document describes the policy for Developing Quality Reviews.

Developing Quality Review Report Template

This template is to be used for preparing the DQR report.

Developing Quality Review Record Book

This is the document that network team reviewers use to record their notes during the site visit to the school.

Developing Quality Review Self Evaluation (DQRSEF)

This document is to be used by principals in preparation for the DQR Review visit. It must be completed and sent to the network reviewer two weeks prior to the school visit.