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NYC School Survey

Frequently Asked Questions about the Teacher Survey

All teachers, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, and parent coordinators citywide take the School Survey online.

Why is it important to complete the survey?

The NYC School Survey is an important opportunity to collect teacher, parent, and student feedback. Broad participation helps us to capture a more complete and accurate picture of each school’s learning environment. 

Is the teacher survey anonymous? How should schools distribute survey materials to staff members?

The teacher survey continues to be absolutely anonymous. Schools are directed to randomly distribute survey access information to teachers, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, and parent coordinators. There is no link between the login information that a teacher receives and the identity of a teacher.

Survey Coordinators are encouraged to distribute survey materials to groups of teachers gathered together, rather than one by one, so that it is clear that the distribution of survey access information is anonymous. Survey Coordinators have been directed to discuss the process with colleagues and with the school's UFT chapter chair to ensure that plans are clear and  that colleagues have an opportunity to provide open and honest feedback. The survey can be taken on any computer, so teachers do not need to login to their account on the DOE network in order to take the survey.

In addition, in order to protect the anonymity of paraprofessionals and parent coordinators, the DOE will only report survey results from paraprofessionals and parent coordinators at the citywide level. Responses from paraprofessionals and parent coordinators will not be shared with schools.

Teacher feedback on the School Survey is a voluntary but critical component of the school improvement process, and the DOE continues to uphold a strict policy of anonymity in order to ensure that teachers can provide honest feedback about their schools. Any survey practices that appear to violate this policy should be reported to surveys@schools.nyc.gov and will be investigated.

Do survey response rates have an impact on a school’s Progress Report grade?

Survey response rates are reported for informational purposes and are not calculated as part of a school's Progress Report score. However, parent, student, and teacher satisfaction levels are measured by the survey and are a key component of the Progress Report. Schools often find that the most vocal respondents are the least satisfied; thus, a school that demonstrates a low response rate for a respondent group runs the risk of having its least satisfied constituents represent the entire school community. A high response rate can help to ensure a more representative sampling of opinions and a more accurate depiction of satisfaction levels.

Why is the teacher survey taken online only?

NYC schools save valuable paper and energy resources by conducting teacher surveys online – eliminating the need for 100,000 paper surveys and related production, distribution, and processing costs. Students at more than 400 schools are also taking the survey online exclusively this year.