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NYC School Survey

School Survey Code of Ethics

The goal of the School Survey is to collect accurate information that school leaders can use to improve a school’s learning environment. School leaders and other school personnel should make clear to any respondents with whom they interact that respondents may fill out the survey in a totally confidential manner without any influence over their responses from anyone.

Efforts by school leaders and other school personnel to promote a high response rate for the School Survey create important responsibilities.  School leaders and school staff should avoid taking any steps that influence or suggest– or have even the appearance of attempting to influence or suggest – the survey answers that respondents provide. 

School leaders and other school personnel should avoid any breach, or the appearance of a breach, in survey confidentiality for parents, students and teachers.

As in the past, survey practices that appear to violate this code of conduct will be investigated.  Depending on the outcome of the investigation, survey results may be invalidated and other disciplinary steps may be taken.

Contact surveys@schools.nyc.gov with questions.