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NYC School Survey

District 75

This year, parents, teachers, and students in District 75 schools will take the Learning Environment Survey for the first time. To address the specific needs of special education schools, a unique survey was designed to measure the learning environment in District 75 school communities. The D75 Survey was developed in consultation with District 75 leadership, educators, and families and follows the same structure and approach as the general education survey. Parent, teacher, and student feedback on the Learning Environment Survey helps principals and school leaders work to improve their school. Survey results also contribute to a school's annual Progress Report grade.

In mid-March, schools will receive bright green survey envelopes. Parents will receive survey envelopes in the mail or in their child's backpack. The envelope will have a numbered code directing parents to their survey. This code will be needed to take the survey online so parents should have their green envelopes handy when taking the survey online.

All D75 middle and high school students who are given standard assessments will take the survey at school. Individual school principals will decide which of their alternative assessment students will take the survey and which will not. For more information about the D75 Learning Environment Survey in your school, please contact your principal or school Survey Coordinator.

District 75 Frequently Asked Questions

Will District 75 parents, teachers and students receive surveys this year?

This year, in partnership with District 75 leadership, parents, and educators, the New York City Department of Education has developed a separate set of surveys designed to measure the learning environment in District 75 school communities. Developed using the same structure and approach as the survey for general education schools last year, the survey for District 75 parents, teachers and students specifically addresses the unique experience in District 75 schools for all constituents.

Are all District 75 students being surveyed? Which are and which are not?

All standardized assessment students in middle school and high school will be given the survey at school. Working with District 75 leadership, individual school principals are deciding which of their alternative assessment students will take the survey and which will not. For more information, please contact your school principal or leader.

If a student attends classes in a non D75 School but is in a program for students with learning disabilities, which survey should that student fill out?

Students in District 75 Special Education schools and students in integrated classrooms will be given the District 75 survey to fill out.

How will D75 schools with multiple sites or locations distribute and collect surveys for faculty and students at off-sites?

School principals have chosen how they would like the surveys for parents, teachers, and students to be sorted and delivered. District 75 schools with satellite locations should distribute the survey the same way they typically distribute materials to their populations.

How will teachers administer the District 75 student survey?

Survey instructions will be provided for classroom teachers. Survey administration should be conducted in accordance with the needs of individual students. Classroom teachers, literacy coaches, and classroom paras should give assistance by reading the survey aloud and helping students to understand how to answer the questions.

I am an itinerant/work study teacher in District 75 but I work with students from different schools. How should I answer questions on the survey that ask about one particular school?

Teachers who work in programs in which students are from multiple schools should answer all questions on the survey for the main school where they are salaried.

How will D75 results be reported?

All schools, including D75 programs, survey results will be reported on a school specific Survey Report and the Progress Report

When will survey results be released to the schools and the public?

Survey results for all schools will be released early in the summer.

I am a parent of two students in two different D75 programs, which survey should I complete?

Parents are asked to complete one survey for each school their child attends.