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Calendar Change Request Application

Principal’s Reference Guide

Any changes to the calendars posted at http://schools.nyc.gov/calendar (i.e. Parent Teacher Conference, early dismissals, etc) must be approved centrally.

For the 2016-17 school year, requests for Full Non-Attendance Days prior to April 1, 2017 will not be approved.

Calendar change requests cannot be considered during weeks with testing, shortened sessions, parent teacher conferences or other non-instructional days, as well as during the first week of school and/or the day after or before a 3-day weekend or citywide school recess.

Things to consider:
- Calendar Changes must be voted on by parents at a regularly scheduled Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting.
- Calendar Changes require an approved School Based Option (SBO).
- School Superintendents must approve all calendar changes.
- Principals should submit the change request at least 6 weeks prior to the first date affected.

The review and approval process is needed to ensure that all State instructional time requirements (length of school day and year) and DOE contractual requirements (including school-based options and any staff issues) are being met. It is also to assure that parents have received sufficient advance notice, that certain overriding educational considerations are taken into account (e.g., meeting special education mandated services, avoiding conflicts with tests and other events, scheduling instructional make up time), and that all support service schedules, including busing, can be appropriately adjusted. Principals, Superintendents, and the appropriate support services (busing, etc) will be notified when a decision is reached.

Principal's can access the request form by clicking here: Calendar Change Request Application. For more information please refer to the School Year Calendar

For assistance please email SSTAdmin@schools.nyc.gov.