Elementary School


Kindergarten Directories are Available!

The Kindergarten Directories are now available online! Be sure to pick up a printed copy from your local elementary school or a Family Welcome Center. Translated versions are available online, in nine languages.

If you need help in a language other than English, call 718-935-2009. Interpretation is available in more than 200 languages.

The application period is from January 7 to February 13, 2015.

    If your child was born in 2010 and you live in NYC, it’s time to start thinking about kindergarten. All students born in 2010 are eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2015.

    All families, including those of students with disabilities and current pre-k students, should submit an application in order to receive a kindergarten placement. Admission is not first-come, first-served. All applications received by the February 13 deadline will be treated the same, according to schools' admissions priorities. For a full list of frequently asked questions and answers, click here.

    Kindergarten Admissions

    Apply between January 7 and February 13 in one of three ways:

    Interpretation services will be provided in over 200 languages for the over-the-phone and in-person options.

    Students with Disabilities

    Students with disabilities are admitted to kindergarten through Kindergarten Admissions in the same way as their non-disabled peers. Read more.


    Required Information

    When you apply you should prepare the information listed below:

    • Child’s name and date of birth
    • Your name, address, phone number, and email address (if applicable)
    • Information on any siblings who will be enrolled at a school you're applying to in grades K-5 next year, including name, date of birth, current school, grade, and OSIS number.
    • Child’s current pre-K (if applicable)
    • Child’s native language (if applying to a dual language program)
    • The programs you are applying to, in order of your preference.
    Please note that you will need to provide documentation supporting this information when accepting a kindergarten offer. 

    Application Tips

    • Consider applying to your zoned school if you have one. Your zoned school is where you will have the highest priority for admission, and most students attend their zoned school. You do not need to list your zoned school first to receive this priority, unless it really is your top preference. If you don’t know your zoned school, call 311 or visit School Search and enter your home address in the search bar.  
    • Visit schools! Many schools have open houses or provide tours for families who are interested in applying. Review our list of elementary school open houses and tours, or contact schools directly for information. Getting a sense of the culture and environment of a school is important for parents and students and we urge families to visit schools in person so that they can decide how to rank schools and programs on the application.
    • When considering schools, pay attention to their admissions priorities, as listed in the Kindergarten Directory. These are the order in which applicants are considered for admission. Understanding which priority group your child would be in for a given school and which priority groups the school was able to accommodate last year is important to understand your child’s likelihood of admission.
    • There is no disadvantage to applying to as many schools as you are interested in, but we do not recommend you include schools on your application unless you would consider enrolling your child there. You should rank programs in order of your preference. Your child’s priority is determined by each school’s admissions priorities, not how you rank programs. Schools will not see how you rank programs.
    • Districts 1, 7, and 23 are choice districts, which means there are no zoned schools. Families will still be able to apply in these districts using the same methods mentioned above. Find out more about the choice district fairs.
    • Families will not be able to apply to charter schools or Gifted & Talented programs through this process. Families are encouraged to contact charter schools directly and visit the Gifted & Talented website for more information on admission to those programs.