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New Elementary Schools

The elementary schools listed will open in September 2014. Check this page for updated contact information as it becomes available. 



DBN: 02M340 School Name: Sixth Avenue Elementary School 
Address in September 2014:  590 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
Admissions Method: Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3440Email:  ps340info@gmail.com

DBN: 06M348 School Name: Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
Address in September 2014: 511 West 182nd street, New York, NY 10033 
Admissions Method: Non-Zoned
Phone:  212-781-0524Email: bkimmel@schools.nyc.gov




DBN: 08X392 School Name: Bronx Delta School
Address in September 2014: 650 Hollywood Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 
Admissions Method: Non-zoned
Phone: 516-519-3358Email:  info@bronxdelta.com

DBN: 10X077 School Name:  Bedford Park Elementary School
Address in September 2014: 3177 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467
Admissions Method: Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3665Email: BPESx77@gmail.com

DBN: 12X458 School Name: Samara Community School
Address in September 2014: 1550 Vyse Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460
Admissions Method: Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3448Email: info@samaracommunityschool.org




DBN: 24Q343 School Name: The Children's Lab School
Address in September 2014: 45-46 42nd Street, Queens, NY 11104
Admissions Method:  Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3617Email: childrenslabschool@gmail.com

DBN: 27Q316 School Name: Queens Explorer's Elementary
Address in September 2014: 90-07 101st Avenue, Queens, NY 11416 
Admissions Method: Non-Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3615Email: ps316ozonepark@gmail.com


DBN: 28Q312School Name: Jamaica Children's School
Address in September 2014: 109-20 Union Hall Street, Queens, NY 11433
Admissions Method: Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3540Email: jamaicachildrensschool@gmail.com


Staten Island


DBN: 31R010 School Name: Forth Hill Collaborative Elementary School
Address in September 2014: 80 Monroe Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301
Admissions Method: Zoned
Phone: 718-935-3641Email: nyc.ps10r@gmail.com
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