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New Elementary Schools

The elementary schools listed will open in September 2015. Check this page for updated contact information as it becomes available. 



DBN: 11X481 School Name: P.S. 481
Address in September 2015: 1684 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10462
Admissions Method: Non-zoned
Phone: N/A Email:  N/A

DBN: 11X483 School Name:  P.S. 483
Address in September 2015: 4520 Matilda Avenue, Bronx, NY 10470
Admissions Method: Non-zoned
Phone: N/A Email: N/A



DBN: 28Q349 School Name: P.S. 349
Address in September 2015: 88-08 164th Street, Queens, NY 11432
Admissions Method:  Non-zoned
Phone: N/A Email: N/A

DBN: 29Q360 School Name: P.S. 360
Address in September 2015: 199-10 112th Avenue, Queens, NY 11412
Admissions Method: Non-zoned
Phone: N/A Email: N/A


DBN: 30Q361 School Name: P.S. 361
Address in September 2015: 57-02 to 57-08 39th Avenue, Queens, NY 11377
Admissions Method: Non-zoned
Phone: N/A Email: N/A


Staten Island


DBN: 31R062 School Name: P.S. 62
Address in September 2015: 644 Bloomingdale Road, Staten Island, NY 10309
Admissions Method: Zoned
Phone: N/A Email: N/A

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