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The Office of Student Enrollment welcomes you to Gifted & Talented Admissions!

The deadline to submit the application for G&T placement was May 4, 2016. For families who applied by the deadline, your results letters will be sent by email and mail in late May.

If your child is offered a G&T placement in the results letter, you will have until June 10 to accept the offer—refer to the results letter for detailed instructions about how to accept your offer.

    G&T Admissions Overview

    Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs are one way that the NYC Department of Education supports the needs of exceptional students. G&T programs aim to deliver accelerated, rigorous, and specialized instruction aligned to Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).

    Students entering kindergarten through third grade are eligible to participate in G&T admissions. Children must pass an assessment to be eligible to apply to G&T programs.

    Use the resources below to learn about program options and the admissions process:

    G&T resources are also available in translation:

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    G&T FAQs: Score Reports

    • How do students’ test score determine their G&T eligibility?

      Applicants’ scores on the G&T assessments are considered among the eligibility requirements. Students who obtain an overall G&T score of 97 or above are eligible for placement in both citywide and district G&T programs. Students who obtain an overall G&T score of 90 or above are eligible for placement in G&T district programs but not citywide programs. Please refer to the G&T Program Handbook for the complete eligibility requirements and a list of G&T programs.

    • Can I appeal my test results?

      No, appeals are not considered once scores are released.

      There is a comprehensive quality assurance process before the scores are released in which three independent entities confirm accuracy of the results.

      Families may contact the Office of Assessment at 212-374-6646 or at with questions about assessments.

    • How can I view a copy of my student's exam booklet?

      Click here to request an appointment to view your child’s Gifted & Talented test. This opportunity allows you to see the answers that your child selected during the test administration. It is not an appeals process.

      You may also make a request a test view appointment in writing by sending a certified letter postmarked no later than April 22, 2016 to:

      The Division of Teaching and Learning
      Office of Assessment
      52 Chambers Street
      New York, NY 10007

      The written request must include:

      • Child's first and last name
      • Child's date of birth
      • Parent/Guardian first and last name
      • Current home address
      • Home, work, and mobile phone number (if available)
      • Name, address, and phone number of the school your child currently attends
      • Date, borough, and site where your child was tested

      Once your request is received, you will receive confirmation of receipt and communication about scheduling your appointment. If you make the request online, you will receive all communications to the email address you provide. If you mail the request you will be notified by regular mail, or email if you provide an email address.

      Please note the following about the G&T test view appointment:

      • Test views will take place during the month of June for pre-K through grade 2 who took the test in winter of 2016.
      • This is not an appeals process, but an opportunity for you to view your child’s test.

    • What should I do if my address has changed from what you have on record?

      If your student is eligible for the G&T Program based on his or her score report, you can update your address when you submit an application. 

    • How can I have my child admitted to a different grade level?

      A child’s date of birth determines grade placement for students born in 2010 and 2011. Students born in 2011 are eligible for kindergarten placement only. Students born in 2010 are eligible for 1st grade placement only. Students applying for placement in 2nd and 3rd grade will be placed based on current grade level, regardless of year of birth.

      Once a child is enrolled in the program, the family may engage the school principal to discuss whether a different grade level placement would be beneficial for the student. If the principal agrees, moving the child to a different placement requires the district superintendent's approval.