Student Supports
Site Accessibility: Not Functionally Accessible

Special Education Services: This school will provide students with disabilities the supports and services indicated on their IEPs.

ELL Programs: ESL, Transitional Bilingual Education: Spanish

School Life
Total Students (grades 6-8): 368
Grades Served (2016 - 2017): 06,07,08
Uniform/Dress Code Enforced: Yes
Academic Portfolio Required: No
Community Service Required: No
Extended Day Program Offered: Yes
Weekend Program Offered: Yes

Summer Session Offered: Yes
Academic Opportunities
Elective Classes: Art, State Exam Preparation, ELL Programs
Language Classes: Spanish

We offer an academically rigorous and innovative program stressing high standards of performance, study, and discipline. The Academy Program emphasizes analytical thinking skills, communication skills, and independent research. All students participate in high performance-based academic core concentrations in both Mathematics and Literacy through extended blocks of time. Within a framework of academic and interdisciplinary richness, students explore a curriculum emphasizing the arts.

Extracurricular Activities
Chess Club, Road Runners, Broadway Junior, Thurgood Marshall Junior Mock Trial Program, Early Stages Program, Field Trips, Teaching Interns

CHAMPS Sports Co-ed: Basketball
Flag Football
Track & Field

Other Sports: Baseball, Dance, Double Dutch, Soccer

School Performance
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  What % of Middle School Students...
Were Proficient
on the State
ELA Test ?
Were Proficient
on the State
Math Test ?
2013-14  65%7%1%
2012-13  77%8%4%
District 9
Quality Review Score(2014-15): Curriculum: D; Instruction: D; Assessing Student Learning: D; High Expectations: D; Teacher Collaboration: D
74% of students feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms, and cafeteria.

Admissions Priorities and Programs

Admissions Priorities
  1. Priority to students residing in the zone
  2. Then to students and residents of Districts 9 & 10
  3. Then to students and residents of the Bronx

Program Name Code Admissions Method 2015
Arturo Toscanini School (J.H.S. 145) X145U Unscreened N/A N/A

Selection Criteria: Students who apply to this program will be randomly selected within the priority groups listed above.

N/A Unscreened

2016 Middle School Directory
J.H.S. 145 Arturo Toscanini - (09X145), Borough of Bronx