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Welcome to Middle School Admissions!

Middle School Applications for the 2017-2018 school year were due on December 1. Fifth grade students will get their notification letter in April 2017, which will have their middle school match for next September. 

Students who applied to schools that require auditions, interviews, assessments, or portfolios for admission will complete these in January and February 2017. 

If you just moved to New York City and are not yet enrolled at a school for the 2016-2017 school year, learn how to enroll on the New Students page.

    Middle School Admissions Overview

    Each fall, every fifth grade student attending a New York City public elementary school receives a middle school application. Students must apply to middle school, including those who want to stay at their K-8 school. 

    Students with disabilities may apply through the Middle School Admissions along with their general education peers. Special Education students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) that recommends a specialized District 75 program are not required to participate in the Middle School Admissions if they wish to remain in a District 75 program.

    Use the resources below to learn about your program options and Middle School Admissions:

    Middle school resources are also available in translation:

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    Find a Middle School

    When looking for schools and programs, it is important to think about what will help you learn and grow—your interests, learning needs, and how you’d get to and from the school. Talk with your family, school counselor, and teachers about your application choices.

    2017 New York City Middle School Directory: The Middle School Directory is published for all 32 districts. Each district directory helps you understand the admissions process and learn more about middle school programs in that district. You can pick up a copy of your district's directory at your elementary school or a Family Welcome Center.

    School Search: Find middle schools based on interest area, borough, school size, and more.

    Open Houses and Tours: View the calendar of middle schools' open houses and tour dates and plan to visit schools of interest. 

    Get Ready for Your Match   

    Families who submitted their Middle School Application by the December 1 deadline will get their notification letter in April 2017. Every student’s notification letter will have a middle school match, which means the student has received a placement in that program for the following school year.

    Most students are matched to one of the programs ranked on their Middle School Application, but it is not guaranteed. If you do not match to one of the programs ranked on your application, you will receive a placement in a school where you are eligible to attend middle school.

    If your child is eligible for any new middle schools or programs, your school counselor will invite you to apply to these programs in February 2017. Applying is optional. If your child receives a match to a new school or program, you will have to choose between your new school match and your main round match.

    Admissions Timeline  

    Download the MS Admissions Timeline. 

    Diversity in Middle School Admissions

    Middle schools across the city were invited to participate in a pilot to increase diversity within their schools for students applying this year to attend for the 2017-2018 school year. The four schools below are participating in the pilot. At these schools, students who receive Free Reduced Lunch (FRL) will receive admissions priority for a certain percentage of the seats in the incoming sixth grade. Read more about each school’s specific pilot:  

    Middle School FAQs: Post-Application Period   

    • How do I find out about my middle school placement?

      If you are happy with your placement, your next step is to attend your middle school on the first day of school in September 2016. If you would like to try to change your placement, complete the second page of your results letter and turn it in to your elementary school to receive an appeal form. 

    • What if I don’t match to one of my choices?

      If you do not match to one of your choices, you are placed in a school with availability that is in either:

      1. The district to which you are zoned to attend middle school.
      2. The district where you attend public elementary school.

      Every student who submits an application will receive a notification letter in April 2017 with a middle school match.

    • How are students matched to a middle school?

      After completing an application, fifth grade students are matched to a program based on:

      • Application Choices: The programs ranked on the application AND the order in which they are ranked.
      • Admissions Priorities: The order in which applicants are considered for placement.
      • Admissions Methods: How programs consider and match with applicants.
      • Seat Availability: The number of seats available for applicants.

    • What are Admissions Priorities?

      Admissions Priorities determine the order applicants are considered for school placement. This means students are considered in groups. All students in the first priority group will be considered first. If seats are available, students in the second priority group will be considered next. The most common admissions priorities are:

      • Priority to continuing fifth grade students: K-8 schools offer priority to fifth graders who apply to their current K-8 school.
      • Priority to zone: Zoned middle schools give priority to students who live in that zone.

      Please note: Fifth grade students who want to remain in their K-8 school or go to their zoned middle school must rank that school on the application. Rank your zoned school or K-8 school option after any other programs for which you want to be considered.
    • What are Admissions Methods?

      Admissions Methods are the ways in which middle school applicants are admitted into programs. There are seven types of Admissions Methods:

      Admissions Methods that DO NOT see your child’s academic information: Unscreened, Limited Unscreened, Zoned, Talent Test

      Admissions Methods that DO see your child’s academic information: Screened, Screened: Language, Composite Score

      You can learn more about each Admissions Method in section 3.3 of the Middle School Directory.

    • How can I apply to new middle schools?

      If a district is opening a new school or program for the following school year, eligible students will receive an application for the new school(s) from their current public elementary school. Non-public school students should visit a Family Welcome Center for the application. Students who receive a match from their new schools application will be able to choose between their new schools and main round matches in the spring.

    • Can I appeal my placement?

      Yes, NYC public school students can appeal their middle school placement by requesting an appeals form from their elementary school guidance counselor in April 2017. Non-public school students can get an appeals form from a Family Welcome Center.

      Complete the appeals form by selecting up to three programs from the program choices available to you on your original application. 

      Please note: Appeals are not guaranteed and are based on seat availability and the school’s original selection criteria.