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Middle school results letters are available—your elementary school will pass them out. Private school students who applied to a public middle school will get their letters in the mail.

If you applied to a new middle school in March and have two placements, you must choose one school—let your guidance counselor know your choice by returning the notification letter by May 4. 

Review the FAQs to learn more about why you may not have received an offer to one of your choices and the appeals process.

If you just moved to New York City or still have not applied to middle school, talk to your elementary school guidance counselor or visit a Family Welcome Center.

    Middle School Admissions Overview

    Each fall, every fifth grade student attending a New York City public elementary school receives a middle school application. Students must apply to middle school, including those who want to stay at their K-8 school. 

    Students with disabilities may apply through the middle school admissions process along with their general education peers. Special Education students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) that recommends a specialized District 75 program are not required to participate in the middle school admissions process if they wish to remain in a District 75 program.

    Use the resources below to learn about your program options and the admissions process:

    Middle school resources are also available in translation:

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    Middle School FAQs: Results Letters

    • How do I find out about my middle school placement?

      If you are happy with your placement, your next step is to attend your middle school on the first day of school in September 2016. If you would like to try to change your placement, complete the second page of your results letter and turn it in to your elementary school to receive an appeal form. 

    • I applied to a new middle school and I have two placements. What do I do? 

      If you have two placements, you must choose one. Indicate which  one program you plan to attend by completing the second page of your letter and turning it back in to your elementary school. 

    • What if I don’t match to one of my choices?

      If you do not match to one of your choices, you are placed in a school that is in either:

      1. The district to which you are zoned to attend middle school.
      2. The district where you attend public elementary school.

      Every student who submits an application is guaranteed a middle school placement in April.

    • Can I appeal my middle school placement?

      Yes, NYC public school students can appeal their middle school placement. Complete the second page of your results letter and submit it to your elementary school guidance counselor to request an appeals form. Non-public school students can get an appeals form from a Family Welcome Center.

      Once you receive the appeals form, complete it by selecting up to three programs from the program choices available to you on the original application. The deadline to submit your appeal form to your elementary school is May 4, 2016.

      Please note: Appeals are not guaranteed and are based on seat availability and the school’s original selection criteria.

    • How are students matched to a middle school?

      After completing an application, fifth grade students are matched to a program based on:

      • Student Preference. You’ll be matched to your highest possible choice taking into consideration Admissions Methods, eligibility restrictions and priorities, and seat availability.
      • School's Admissions Priorities. Examples include Continuing Fifth Grade Priority and Zone Priority.
      • Admissions Methods. Examples include Unscreened, Limited Unscreened, Talent Test, Screened, Screened: Language, or Composite Score.
      • Seat Availability. You may not be matched if there are more applicants than available seats.

    • What are admissions priorities?

      Admissions priorities determine the order applicants are considered for school placement. This means students are considered in groups. All students in the first priority group will be considered first. If seats are available, students in the second priority group will be considered next. The most common admissions priorities are:

      • Priority to continuing fifth grade students: K-8 schools offer priority to fifth graders who apply to their current K-8 school.
      • Priority to zone: Zoned middle schools give priority to students who live in that zone.

      Please note: Fifth grade students who want to remain in their K-8 school or go to their zoned middle school must rank that school on the application. Rank your zoned school or K-8 school option after any other programs for which you want to be considered.