Support Services

Literacy Zones

Support services are provided by  OACE’s Four (4) family Literacy Zones/welcome centers: the Bronx Literacy Zone (BxLZ) at 3450 E Tremont Ave, the Mid-Manhattan Literacy Zone(MMLZ) in Harlem at 212 W 120th Street, the Brooklyn Literacy Zone(BLZ) at 475 Nostrand Ave and the Queens Literacy Zone(QLZ) at 25-35 Jackson Ave in Long Island City. These are centers in the State Education Department defined Literacy Zone communities, committed to addressing the social and economical needs of newly arrived families and NYC adult students by providing them with the resources they need to become English-proficient and active members of society. The Literacy Zones assist families with referrals related to health, financial and family literacy.

Case Management Services

OACE provides a number of case management and support services for students that impact their ability to enroll or persist in adult education classes, which include program orientation sessions, individual goal setting sessions, workshops on work preparation and employment opportunities, student conferences and workshops on interfacing with the K-12 system. Our case managers are part of a citywide referral network system in which they receive students referred to OACE and refer students to a number of resources and services external to OACE.

Referral Services for Under 21 Students

Students under the age of 21 who are interested in attending alternative educational programs are referred to programs offered by District 79’s Alternative Schools & Programs. Please click here for additional information.