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Community and Partners

Working with Our Schools

Organizations play a vital role in our communities and neighborhoods, collaborating with hundreds of  public schools across the five boroughs to positively impact student achievement and enrich school experiences. We deeply value these partnerships for the wealth of resources and assets that they bring to classrooms. 

Office of School Programs and Partnerships

While many schools engage in local partnerships suited to their communities, the Office of School Programs and Partnerships (OSPP) acts as a clearinghouse to familiarize and orient new and existing partners in the community to the Chancellor's priorities and processes.

OSPP facilitates matching between partners and schools that are in need of support, navigating  procurement and contracts protocols, and ensuring that partner efforts are impacting student achievement through research, evaluation, and data sharing. 


Partner-School Matching
Understanding the unique needs of each school, the Office of School Programs and Partnerships strategically matches the right partners and community-based organizations with the right schools. Interested in partnering with our schools and communicating opportunities to schools?


Research, Evaluation, and Data
The Research and Policy Support Group (RPSG) allows external researchers and partners to collect data on students and conduct studies in schools, while always ensuring that research does not compromise privacy or work.

Providing Services or Products?
The Division of Contracts and Purchasing (DCP) manages the procurement process for educational supplies, equipment, professional development and consulting services, curriculum materials, etc.
ContactVendorHotline@schools.nyc.gov or  (718) 935-2300 

Current Partnerships
Examples of existing partnerships and programs in our schools.