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Parent Coordinators

Resources for Parents Coordinators

This resource web page will provide you with materials, events, and other opportunities to help you support your school community. 

If you have requests for specific materials/types of events which you would like to see posted on this webpage please email face@schools.nyc.gov .

Summer Professional Development 2012


Community and Citywide Education Councils
Selection Process Presentation
|Presented by Alice Wong

Community and Citywide Education Councils are deliberative bodies that help to shape educational policies and priorities in their districts. Education council Members are parent volunteers who provide leadership and support for their community's public schools.To view and print a one page review of the presentation on the Selection Process, click, Community and Citywide Education Council .


Revisions to Chancellor's Regulation A-660
Presented by Raymond Pierre Louis
and Pedro Rivera

Chancellor's Regulation A-660 (CR A-660), revised on June 26, 2012, ensures the formation of a Parent Association or Parent-Teacher Association in every New York City public school and a Presidents' Council in every community school district, borough for high schools and District 75. To view and print a one page review of the presentation, click, Revisions to Chancellor's Regulation A-660.



Overview of Data Sources for Parent Coordinators
Presented by Sean Murray
Sonalli Muraka and
Mark Cheng

To view and print a one page review of the presentation, click, Overview of Data Sources for Parent Coordinators.


 Resources & Programs


If your school would like to participate in the Dads Take Your Child to School day on September 20, 2012, visit their website for more information, registration forms and ideas and resources to support dads and other male care-givers in your school.


The College Board has created a list of resources for parents and students. 


Planning For Success:
Supporting Transitions through High School to College and Career,  a new guide developed by parents for parents is now available. The guide is designed to provide advice and information on how parents and guardians can help their children prepare for each milestone in their school careers and understand how to prepare for the challenges of college and the work force


Young Men's Initiative:
The Young Men’s Initiative has created a new program, the ID= Program. Please visit http://www.learndoe.org/face/recording-get-id/ to view a webinar presentation for you to learn more about how you can help the young black and Latino men within your school community obtain proper identification. The webinar presentation will provide you with an overview of the ID= Program and information for how to help parents obtain IDs for their children.

The We Are New York Project

Partner with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to help immigrant parents in your school  learn and practice conversational English. Based on the Emmy-award winning television series, We Are New York models the English people need to manage everyday life situations and solve important problems such as:

• How can I help my child in school?
• What questions should I ask my child’s teacher at a parent-teacher conference?
• Can I have letters from the school in my language? Can I request an interpreter to help me communicate with the principal and teachers?
• What can I say when I don’t understand someone?

Parents who participate will become more comfortable speaking English and learn how to access the City services available to New Yorkers. They will also strengthen their connection to your school and have opportunities to interact with faculty, staff and other parents in a meaningful way.

To bring the We Are New York Project to your school, please identify parent leaders or other trusted individuals in your school community to become trained We Are New York volunteers. Volunteers develop leadership skills, build a stronger sense of community in the school and help empower a group of people who are essential to student success – parents.

To learn more about hosting a group, please contact the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs at 212-788-7654. You can also visit the website, www.nyc.gov/LearnEnglish for more information.


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