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Parent Coordinators

Parent Coordinator Resource Guide and Toolkit


Parent Coordinator Resource Guide & Toolkit

As a parent coordinator you have a key role in ensuring that parents know they are valued stakeholders of the school community. To foster your work in increasing parent involvement in your school, we are pleased to introduce The Parent Coordinator Resource Guide and Toolkit. This Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to support your efforts in engaging parents.

In addition, we are pleased to present a series of professional development modules created for you by Dr. Karen Mapp, an expert in building school, family and community partnerships. These modules will provide you with information and skill-building activities to encourage parents to become active partners in the educational lives of their children.

Thank you for the work you do every day in our schools. 

Parent Coordinator Professional Development Toolkit
Developed in collaboration with Dr. Karen Mapp, PhD.

The following modules, were developed to support you and help you to identify priorities, set goals, and foster positive relationships within your school community.

As you complete this tool, you will learn about a framework for developing positive relationships between families and schools. This framework for thinking consists of three elements - Welcome, Honor, and Connect. 

This is a short activity to help you assess 6 basic aspects of your work. By completing this checklist and implementing your action plan, you will become more accessible to parents and staff. You will also be able to clearly share information about your role in the school with others

To reach your full potential as an effective parent coach, open communication and intentional planning with your principal is essential. These planning meetings and continued conversations provide a detailed road-map to ensure that school and student learning priorities match the day-to-day realities of your position.

The purpose of this introductory activity is to familiarize you with the research on the value of family and community engagement. This information will be helpful for you when describing the reason for family and community engagement programming and initiatives to school leaders, school staff, parents, and community members. To view the supporting PowerPoint presentation click here.