Parent Coordinators

Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences

 Parent Teacher Conferences

Below are a list of tips to help parent coordinators/parent leaders prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Visit the Parents and Families page for additional resources and information for families.


Fall parent-teacher conferences will be held on the following dates: 

  •         March 2, 3: District 75 schools
  • March 11, 12: middle schools
  • March 18, 19: elementary schools
  • March 26, 27: high schools

View the Parent-Teacher Conference Memo on the Calendars' page  for a complete listing of  dates and additional information or click here to print the 2014-2015 schedule.

Communicate with families by:

Create a center of operations: 

  • Set up a table near the main entrance of the school.
  • Have a parent volunteer at the table at all times. This allows parents who are new to the school to meet at least one experienced parent.
  • Provide a school calendar featuring upcoming meetings, events, and workshops. Have invitations and flyers for upcoming events ready to distribute.
  • Work with your PA/PTA to arrange for parent escorts or tours
  • Work with your principal to arrange for photos of all school staff members to be displayed. A short bio of each teacher is a nice touch.
  • Provide parents with a map of your school. For each grade level, highlight the locations of each teacher's room.
  • Share information with your parent community on special education reform.

Ask every parent who comes in during parent-teacher conferences what activities he/she would like to participate in at your school. Try to gauge their interest level to suggest ways they can be involved, from minimal, (e.g., be a greeter at an event) to pull-out-the-stops, (e.g., lead a volunteer effort to coordinate an event).

Prepare to Meet the Translation Needs of Families
Have interpreters ready to greet parents and provide assistance. If possible, utilize bilingual parent volunteers. Contact the DOE's Translation & Interpretation Unit (718-752-7373) or for help providing over the phone interpretation. You can download translation request forms on their webpage.

Have copies available for parents to review your annual:

Help parents obtain log-in information for ARIS parent link:

Track Conference Attendance

Be sure to keep an accurate record of the number of parents who participate in parent- teacher conferences. All  parent-teacher conference attendance should be reported on the Parent Coordinator Activity Report during the week in which it was held. Please contact the Division of Family and Community Engagement at 212-374-4118 or

Schedule a Parents' Social Hour:

  • Provide refreshments and make this a "getting to know you" session for parents.
  • Highlight your school's recent achievements like increases in test scores, student winners of contests, PA/PTA fundraisers, athletic team wins, and scholarship winners. Create an attractive bulletin board to do this.
  • Invite members of the City Council, Community Education Council or other community based organizations to tour the school. Use this opportunity to invite local merchants and business leaders with whom you could partner in the future.

Be proactive about providing information specific to the needs at each grade level:

  • Elementary school parents may have a lot of questions about middle school articulation.
  • If you are in a middle school, make sure you have information related to the high school admissions process and grade specific promotion policies on hand.
  • For high school parents, keep information about graduation requirements, Regents exams, college admissions and financial aid ready.