Almost 135,000 people work full-time in New York City’s public school system, with the shared mission of providing our 1.1 million students with an education that gives them the tools to thrive in college, in careers, and as active members of their communities.

  • For current New York City DOE employees: information on benefits, pay, leaves of absence, employee discounts, fingerprinting and employee IDs, and more.
  • Find information about your salary and personal paycheck. Note: effective 3/31/14 users will no longer have the option of entering a Social Security number when logging into the Payroll Portal.
  • If you would like to teach in a New York City school, become a principal or school professional, or work in a central administration or managerial role, visit our Career Opportunities page.
  • The Teacher Page features resources, information about professional development and opportunities for students, and news and updates for teachers.