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Actor Alec Baldwin visits PS/IS 111

Alec Baldwin reads "Wolf" to second graders at PS/IS 111

Storytime at PS/IS 111 in Manhattan this week had some Hollywood flair.

Actor Alec Baldwin visited the Midtown school to read with a group of second graders. As he read aloud “Wolf” by Becky Bloom, students acted out the story about friendship and the importance of reading. 

Kaitlin Silva, who acted as the duck in the story, said she enjoyed Mr. Baldwin’s visit.  

"I was happy because I got to act out the book with him and he helped me to sound out the words,” she said. 

In addition to reading a story to the students, Mr. Baldwin presented the school with new books, donated by the Brooke Jackman Foundation, for its library. The Foundation is dedicated to the memory of Brooke Jackman, the sister of a former PS/IS 111 teacher,  who died in the 9/11 attacks seven years ago. 

To express their thanks, PS/IS 111 students gave Mr. Baldwin a T-shirt with the school logo.  

Students said they felt honored to have a celebrity in their school. 

"I felt really happy because I got to read a book with a real actor,” Fairuz Abdalla, who mimicked the cow in the story, said. “I never met an actor before.” 

PS/IS 111 Principal Irma Medina said it was a joy to host Mr. Baldwin.  

"It was a delightful event,” she said. “In true Hollywood fashion, the students were cast to bring the story to life for the audience, and Mr. Baldwin used his humor and charm to enchant the young readers.”

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