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Actor Matthew Modine Helps Sixth-Grade Students at MS 442 in Brooklyn Kick Off a Program to Reduce Electricity Use in Their Building

Actor Matthew Modine with sixth graders at MS 442K

Actor and environmentalist Matthew Modine joined sixth graders from MS 442 in Carroll Gardens to kick off a competition to reduce electricity use in schools. The Green Cup Challenge encourages students to measure and reduce building-wide energy consumption. Sponsored by the Green Schools Alliance, a national nonprofit, every City school is eligible to join the Challenge.

“It is very important that we are careful in what we consume, because our resources are finite,” Modine told the students at last week’s kickoff. “One way to do this is to turn off lights during the day and use natural sunlight instead.”  

Modine asked students for other examples of reducing energy use at school and at home.

“We can use bikes in place of cars,” a student, Loren Flores, answered.

Brian Diaz, another student, said, “If we use cars, then we should carpool so there would be fewer cars on the road.”

Principal Deanna Diable said an emphasis on sustainability is part of the school’s culture.

“Our students are learning a great deal about the importance of sustainability through guest speakers whom we invite to the school and through a special partnership with the Lowes Foundation, which will help us create a “green” roof.”

The Green Cup Challenge runs through February 12.

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