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In Our Schools Today

School Relocation Information

Note: This page will continue to be updated as information becomes available. Please continue to check back for the status of schools.

Find your school

Use this tool to get information about your school for next week. For information on District 75 schools, please see the lists below in Updated information about schools that were closed and Transportation for students at relocated schools.

Check School Status

Note: the information below and in the search tool is continually updated as new information is available.

The information below and in the search tool will continue to be updated as repairs to buildings continue to be completed. See information about specific topics below. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Updated information about schools that were closed

Here is an updated list of schools that were closed for students. (list in pdf format). 

Schools temporarily relocated

Some schools are temporarily relocated in other buildings because of significant damage to their home building. See this list for details. (list in pdf format)

  • In some instances impacted schools are being sited across several schools, i.e., Kindergarten through grade 2 at one receiving school, grades 3-5 at another.
  • Please see additional information about transportation options or use the search tool at the top of the page. The options that apply for each relocated school are noted in the list above.

Schools serving as shelter sites

Letter for families of students whose schools were hosting shelters.

Student registration procedures for evacuees

Students who have been displaced from their permanent residence can remain in their school of origin or can attend school near their new temporary residence. Get more information

  • Elementary and middle school students can enroll at the zoned school for their new temporary residence. To find the zoned school for an address, visit schools.nyc.gov or call 311. If there is no zoned school for an address, you should visit an enrollment office. To find the enrollment office nearest you, visit schools.nyc.gov or call 311.
  • All displaced high school students should visit an enrollment office if they would like to enroll at a high school that is closer to their new residence.
  • Displaced students do not need to provide any documents in order to enroll.

Message from the Chancellor

Dear Families,

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and secure following the recent storm. As the grandparent of a child attending a New York City public school, I understand how disruptive and trying these past days have been. Some of you may have lost loved ones or know people who have; I offer my condolences to you. Many of you have had to take time off from work to care for your children who have not been at school. I also know that many of you have been without power for days and have experienced severe damage to your homes. The challenges so many have faced are unprecedented.  Read the whole letter. 

Calendar Changes

Please see the DOE calendar for more information.

Make Up Dates

As you know, Hurricane Sandy resulted in the loss of instructional school days. To ensure that students have the opportunity to make up the learning time they missed due to the storm, they will need to make up these days later in the year.

Other Programs 

  • Here is the latest list of UPK programs in community-based settings that are closed. Visit this site daily for updates as the status of programs change. Please contact your child’s school directly for the status school-based pre-k programs. Note: there may be additional programs that are closed due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Find out which pre-k programs may still have availability here. If you have questions, please contact field office for your borough of residence 
    • Queens: Richard Switach 718- 642-5803;
    • Manhattan/Bronx: Trisia Carter 718-741-3963;
    • Brooklyn/Staten Island: Nelida Sebili  718- 643-1173x82239
  • Students and staff at District 79 programs may call 718-557-2590 or 718-557-2595 for general information on programs or locations, including for questions about GED Plus and ReStart.  For questions about LYFE Centers, please call 212-609-8538.