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In Our Schools Today

Chancellor Walcott Took a Bite Out of the Big Apple with Students at P.S. 10 in Brooklyn

New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott and Andrew Olsen from the Mayor Bloomberg’s Community Affairs Unit joined students at P.S. 10 in Brooklyn to participate in New York City’s Big Apple Crunch 2012.  P.S. 10’s cafeteria was filled with over 450 students holding apples and chanting, “We want apples, we want apples, we want apples,” as they prepared to take a bite.  Over 900 students were able to crunch around the school.
Fresh fruit and healthy eating were first and foremost today at P.S. 10.  “We can always count on Chancellor Walcott to show up when we’re involved in something positive and fun that addresses the health and welfare of children,” said P.S. 10 Principal Laura Scott. “I was delighted to join the students, administration, staff and teachers at PS 10 for the Big Apple Crunch, and see the entire school embrace the day and learn about the importance of eating healthy,” said Chancellor Walcott. “The students and staff came together for a great event, and I was so thrilled to be a part of it.”
Heleana Ryan’s second grade class wore handmade apple headbands and held up a sign with apple facts.  Ryan said, “I have a lot of kids with dietary issues--gluten free kids, peanut allergy kids, non-sugar days kids.  I realized that apples are the one thing everybody can eat.”  Her class talked about the importance of fresh fruit in everyone’s diet, and how we can all eat healthier.
The Big Apple Crunch was a Food Day event in which New York City attempted to set the world record for the most participants in an apple-crunching event. RecordSetter.com - a New York City based organization tracking new world records - tracked the City’s progress towards having the "Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event."  According to Jenna Michelle Liut, a Food Issues Analyst at the Mayor's Office, P.S. 10 was one of the largest sites to participate in today’s crunch.

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