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In Our Schools Today

Congrats to PS/IS 276 Seventh Graders!

Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott congratulates seventh grade students at PS/IS 276 in Manhattan along with their teacher, Youngjee Kim, for winning second place in New York State in an online STEM competition.

Each student won a $500 US savings bond. Called E-Cybermission, the online competition is a free, web-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) contest sponsored by the US Army. Teams of students in grades six through nine can compete for state, regional, and national awards while working to solve problems in their community.

The students at PS/IS 276 won for their experiment on eliminating bacteria in storms such as Hurricane Sandy. The students on the winning team called themselves Bacteria Assassins and they are: Max Sano, Ashely Ip, Maya Gardner and Julian Apprendi. With recent storms such as super storms Sandy and Nemo, the students realized that better research on keeping an area free of bacteria would help the whole community. 

They investigated the effect of different concentrations of ethyl alcohol on killing e-coli bacteria. The students learned that you don’t need a lot of ethyl alcohol concentration – about 65% – to kill bacteria.

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