Update for Families on H1N1 Flu

December 16, 2009

Health experts recommend vaccination as the best way to protect children against H1N1 and to prevent the spread of the virus. This letter contains important updates about how schools are working to keep students healthy during flu season, including important information about our free and voluntary vaccination program for all children. 

The first round of H1N1 vaccines offered in schools is now complete. Students age nine or younger require two doses of the vaccine. Schools are currently administering a second vaccine to children who require it four weeks after they received the first one. If your child is nine years old or younger, contact his or her school to find out when the second dose is being administered.

The weekend clinics offering free vaccines to middle and high school students are now over. However, additional vaccines are still available at other clinics throughout the City. If your elementary, middle, or high school-aged child has not yet received a vaccine, call 311 or visit for a listing of locations where you and your child may get vaccinated.

If you have questions and/or concerns about H1N1, please visit or contact your physician. All community members—adults and children alike—should remember to take basic precautions against the flu, like washing hands regularly and covering coughs. Working together, we can keep our students safe and healthy this flu season.