Alternate Learning Center

Alternate Learning Centers (ALCs) provide an educational setting for students who are serving a Superintendent’s Suspension up to one year.  Each borough has a principal that oversees 5-9 sites (Brooklyn is split in half).  Each site has a site supervisor, four core content area teachers, one special education teacher, one counselor, one paraprofessional, and one school aide.  Our goal is to provide a continuity of education for ALC students.

ALCs cultivate pro-social beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in students, and provide a variety of positive behavioral programs such as Positive Behavior Support Systems (PBIS), Restorative Approaches, and Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI).  ALCs offer the same Core Curriculum materials schools have for consistency, and provide intervention measures that build students’ capacity to return to school better able to be productive and engaged members of their school communities.
An ALC Directory is available (here).

An ALC 2016 Summer School Directory is available (here).