Award Recipients

In addition to continuing to be model educators, the Big Apple Award recipients serve as Big Apple Fellows during the school year following their selection.

The Big Apple Fellowship provides opportunities for award recipients to develop as leaders and have positive impact on their colleagues citywide.Big Apple Fellows will provide insight on policies and programs and serve as a resource to the larger community on excellent teaching in New York City.

Meet This Year's Recipients

Meet Last Year's Recipients


This Year's Recipients

Phyllis Berk

Pre-Kindergarten, P.S. 188 Kingsbury (26Q188)

Margaret Boyd

7th grade Math, New York City Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies (02M312)

Ramil Buenaventura

7th and 8th grade Math, Renaissance Charter School (84Q705)

Nekesha Bynum

3rd grade, P.S. 310 (20K310)

Doreen Donnelly

3rd grade, TAG Young Scholars (04M012)

Irina Gonzalez

8th grade Social Studies, J.H.S. 123 James M. Kieran (08X123)

Laurence Minetti

High School Art, Collegiate Institute for Math and Science (11X288)
Big Apple Arts Award Recipient

Joseph Pesqueira

11th grade Social Studies, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics (09X260)

Jessica Russo

Special Education (Grades 2-5), P.S. 55 Henry M. Boehm (31R055)

Jacqueline Stokes

Special Education (District 75, students 16-21), The Richard H. Hungerford School (75R721)

Kathryn Vitale

8th grade English Language Arts, Frederick Douglass Academy VIII Middle School (19K452)

April Yee

1st grade (Bilingual), P.S. 105 The Blythebourne (20K105)


Last Year's Recipients

Silvestre Arcos

5th grade math teacher at KIPP, Washington Heights Middle School (06M068)

Patrick Berry

7th and 8th grade ELA teacher, Whitelaw Reid Junior High School (16K057)

Erika Bogdany

ELA High School Teacher, Brooklyn Bridge Academy (18K578)

Damion Clark

11th and 12th grade ELA, Democracy Prep Charter High School

Catherine Downey

5th grade Science and Social Studies, P.S. 128 Bensonhurst (21K128)

Kristin Ferrales

11th grade Social Studies, Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (13K483)

Marietta Timblaco Geraldino

10th and 11th grade Geometry Teacher, Frederick Douglass Academy II (03M860)

Stephen Jackson

7th and 8th grade Science, P.S./ M.S. 278 Paula Hedbavny School (06M278)

Deborah Laster

Special Education Teacher for students ages 14–21, P.S.176X (75X176)

Kimberly McCorkell

4th and 5th grade Math, P.S. 222 Katherine R. Snyder (22K222)

Melissa Salguero

General Music Teacher, P.S. 48 Joseph R. Drake (08X048)
Big Apple Arts Award Recipient