Continuing Education

CEC members enter office with varying levels of knowledge and experience. To prepare and support you in your role, we offer a detailed orientation for new members and continuing education for all members.

Our aim is to make these educational offerings as relevant and useful as possible to your role as CEC parent leaders. We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to submit any ideas for additional workshops. If your council would like personalized support on any aspect of CEC work--from parliamentary procedure to zoning--please contact the Division of Family and Community Engagement
(212) 374-2323 or .  

Month  Topic  Details 
October              Space Planning  This training will provide council members with an opportunity to discuss the space planning process, capacity co-located schools. Presented by the Office of Space Planning.

November  Fiscal Management    Senior Grant Officers will guide Council members through the budget process, procurement card usage (p-card), member reimbursements and acceptable uses of council funds. 

Progress Reports  An overview of the Progress Report, including goals, components, new features, and how it used by the Department of Education. 

December Capital Planning The School Construction Authority (SCA) will present an overview of the capital planning process including how SCA reviews input collected from the Community Education Councils for each amendment.

January        Consolidated Application The Office of School Development will present an overview of the New York City Consolidated Application for the Community Education Councils.

Sex Education Mandate The Office of School Wellness Programs (OSWP) will present an overview of the sexual health education mandate for middle and high school students and will answer any questions council members may have.

February Common Core The Division of Academics, Performance, and Support will present an overview of the Common Core Standards,  which are new learning standards that are being implemented in New York City schools over the next few years.

March Progress Reports     An overview of the proposed changes to the Progress Report and an opportunity to solicit feedback from council members on the proposed changes.