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Become a Council Member

NYC’s Education Councils are constituted every two years (in odd years) according to rules set by state law. The three mandatory officers (president, treasurer, recording secretary) of PA/PTAs vote for the parent members as part of the state-mandated selection process. There are also members who are appointed by the Borough Presidents and the Public Advocate. The selected candidates and appointed members then serve a two-year term than begins on July 1st of the selection year.

Applications to be a Public Advocate Appointee or Borough President Appointee are still being accepted

  • Applications to be a 2015-2017 Public Advocate Appointee to an education council can be downloaded here.
  • Applications to be a 2015-2017 Borough President Appointee to an education council can be downloaded here.
  • The application to be a 2016-2017 Student Representative to an education council can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in running for an Education Council, you should  speak with current council members and attend council meetings to familiarize yourself with what your council does.

Currently Available Council Seats

Occasionally, councils have vacant seats through member resignations; filling those seats is very important for councils to be able to function at the highest level. Should you find that your council has a vacancy, you may consider applying to fill the unexpired term.

View the list of current members and contact your council to learn about vacancies.
Click here for an overview of the Education Councils and Eligibility Summary.

To apply to fill a vacancy please print and fill out the appropriate application below:
CEC Vacancy Application 2015-2017
Citywide Council Vacancy Application 2015-2017

Translated Applications


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العربية   | বাংলা   | 中文   | Français   | Kreyòl Ayisyen   한국어   | Русский  |  Españolاردو

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