Division of Financial Planning and Management

Division of Financial Planning & Management

The Division of Financial Planning & Management is committed to managing the Department of Education’s (DOE) operating budget in a way that aligns resources with the strategic objectives of the DOE and consistently promotes the goal of maximizing student achievement.  DFPM provides direction and support for resource allocation decisions that focus on the equitable and transparent distribution of Department funds. DFPM is dedicated to maintaining a balanced budget condition and the necessary policies and procedures to do this. DFPM seeks to ensure the effective and efficient use of Department funds to best support our schools and students. 

FY 2016 School Budget Allocations & Fair Student Funding Proposals:

This document provides the explanation and rationale of the proposed changes to the 2015-2016 Fair Student Funding Formula. This proposal is available for public review of the proposed changes to the formula concurrent to the public engagement and public comment process proceeding the May 20, 2015 Panel for Educational Policy vote. Comments and questions can be submitted on or before May 19th via email to Budget@schools.nyc.gov or by phone to (212) 374-6754.

Budget Guide Cover

A Guide to NYC Public Schools Budget:

The NYC Community members’ guide to understanding how New York City public schools are funded.

Read the Guide to NYC Public Schools Budget:

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