Listing Applications

Listing Application contracts are designated for the procurement of Published or copyrighted materials used for Libraries, Reference and Assessments. Previously, these contracts were for payment of admission fees to museums, cultural, and other public institutions, in addition to Direct Student services in the Arts.


The Division of Contracts and Purchasing has launched a new solicitation for providers of arts services called a Multiple Task Award Contract (MTAC). The ensuing contracts will enable providers of arts-related services to offer Direct Student Services, related Professional Development, and/or Parent Engagement services to schools.


The MTAC is an open enrollment process and will replace the current Listing Application contracting process for Direct Student services and admissions. As such, the New York City Department of Education will no longer accept Listing Application requests for Direct Student services. Instead, organizations wishing to provide arts education services will submit proposals via the Multiple Task Award Contract (MTAC), which offers an expanded scope of services.


Those organizations that currently have a Listing Application contract for arts education services will be required to submit proposals through the MTAC process for contract renewal. Organizations are encouraged to apply through the MTAC process at least 6 months before the expiration of any current Listing Application contracts. Although you may apply to this MTAC at any time, in order to provide the expanded scope of services, your organization must submit through the MTAC process – including your current list of services as a part of your proposal submission. The resulting MTAC contract would then replace your Listing Application. To access the documents and information of this MTAC, please click on the following link:





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