Guidelines & Procedures

Listing Application contracts are for assessment, testing, and Library & Reference materials. It is advised that before beginning the contracting process you review the process below.  

New Vendors & Renewals must submit the following:


Two (2) sets of catalogs and or promotional materials for services and or materials being offered.  



All vendors are required to submit a valid Certificate of Insurance that includes general liability, automobile liability and workers compensation on an “accord” certificate of insurance. Programs conducted at locations other than department of education sites also require a certificate of occupancy or place of assembly permit, fire permit and elevator certificate (if applicable). The insurance certificate must name the City of New York and the New York City Department of Education as additional insured and the Certificate Holder must be the New York City Department of Education, 52 Chambers, New York, NY 10007.



Two (2) original copies of the price plan.



Request for a Listing Application  Price Plan.xls  Price Plan.pdf

Upon program content approval, any contract awards of $100,000 and over will require approval of the Office of Equal Opportunity and a completed VENDEX questionnaire. Information regarding VENDEX can be obtained at . Vendors must submit VENDEX Questionnaires once every three years. Vendors may submit new forms or changed pages at any time as changed circumstances dictate but certainly before contract signing.  All vendors must have an Alphanumeric Vendor Code which can be obtained by completing and submitting the form at  Vendors must also have a completed W-9 form on file that can be obtained here.

The length of each agreement is as follows:

Library & Reference Materials: 3 years
Testing Materials: 3 years

Send all requests for Listing Applications and documentation to the attention of:

NYC Department of Education

Division of Contracts and Purchasing

Instructional Materials Procurements

65 Court St, Room 1202

Brooklyn, NY 11201