Contract Abstracts

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Teaching & Learning Professional Development    

Office of English Language Learners - TLELL01

Other DOE Professional Service Providers

District 75 T&L - T970001High School of Telecommunications Arts & Technology- HSTA001
NYC Center for Space Science Education- NCSE001Virtual Enterprises International – VEI0122
 Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences - LEO0535NYC Academies – NYCNA39
Division of Instructional and Information Technology – DIIT001 

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Automated External Defibrilllator (AED)- R0886Pick-up Delivery- B0881
Private Schools - Exception - E1590Specialized High School Admissions Test RFP - R0753
Employment Agency For Professional Services - RFP R0706Transcription Service- B0727
Hearing Reporter & Transcription Service- OGS RFB B0621 Temporary Personnel Services


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Academic Intervention Services Professional Development - R0896Professional Development for School Leaders and Teachers - R0929
Arts Education Services - R0891Services to Promote Safe and Supportive School Communities  - R0920
English Language Learners Professional Development - 1C617School-Based Mental Health and Behavioral Services - R0695
Expanded learning time student tutoring in English Language Arts, Reading and/or Mathematics - R0984Special Education Professional Development - R0915
Leadership Development - R0980Social Studies Professional Development & Direct Student Services-R0997
Literacy Professional Development Services - R0996Student Support Services - R0898
Professional Development at Transfer Schools and Similar Schools  R0778System-Wide Program Evaluation Services - R0694
Professional Development, Direct Student Services, Family Enrichment, and Fairs/Expos for Elementary, Middle and High School Sciences and STEM Education - R1033System-Wide Program Math Professional Development Services - R1026
Professional Development for Arts Education - R0962 Title I for Nonpublic School Supplemental Instructional Services - R1017
Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators - R0763 Whole School Reform - R0895
Professional Development for Instructional Technology Services R0812