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Today's event:
Middle School - AFTERNOON Parent-Teacher Conferences
10/27/2016 EARLY DISMISSAL for students in middle school.

*Schools may hold their Parent Teacher Conferences on non-citywide dates. Contact the individual school to confirm dates.

Contract Abstracts

DOE Professional Services are available for purchase in the FAMIS Portal. Click below to view service descriptions by office.

Teaching & Learning Professional Development    

Office of English Language Learners - TLELL01

Other DOE Professional Service Providers

District 75 T&L - T970001High School of Telecommunications Arts & Technology- HSTA001
NYC Center for Space Science Education- NCSE001Virtual Enterprises International – VEI0122
 Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences - LEO0535NYC Academies – NYCNA39
Division of Instructional and Information Technology – DIIT001 

Click Below To View External Professional Services Abstracts

Automated External Defibrilllator (AED)- R0886Pick-up Delivery- B0881
Private Schools - Exception - E1590Specialized High School Admissions Test RFP - R0753
Employment Agency For Professional Services - RFP R0706Transcription Service- B0727
Hearing Reporter & Transcription Service- OGS RFB B0621 Temporary Personnel Services


Click Below To View MTAC's

Academic Intervention Services Professional Development - R0896Professional Development for School Leaders and Teachers - R0929
Arts Education Services - R0891Services to Promote Safe and Supportive School Communities  - R0920
English Language Learners Professional Development - 1C617School-Based Mental Health and Behavioral Services - R0695
Expanded learning time student tutoring in English Language Arts, Reading and/or Mathematics - R0984Special Education Professional Development - R0915
Leadership Development - R0980Social Studies Professional Development & Direct Student Services-R0997
Literacy Professional Development Services - R0996Student Support Services - R0898
Professional Development at Transfer Schools and Similar Schools  R0778System-Wide Program Evaluation Services - R0694
Professional Development, Direct Student Services, Family Enrichment, and Fairs/Expos for Elementary, Middle and High School Sciences and STEM Education - R1033System-Wide Program Math Professional Development Services - R1026
Professional Development for Arts Education - R0962 Title I for Nonpublic School Supplemental Instructional Services - R1017
Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators - R0763 Whole School Reform - R0895
Professional Development for Instructional Technology Services R0812