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Raz-Kids by Learning A-Z

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DESCRIPTION: is a website published by Learning A-Z, Inc. It is a place where your students can go for modeled fluency, engaging reading practice and automatic assessment of their reading comprehension. Students get their own user name and password and can read books anywhere they can connect to the Internet – at home or at school. The website has hundreds of animated, online books at 27 developmental levels ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. Each of these books has an online comprehension quiz and downloadable worksheets. The site also offers a collection of song books, poetry books, and nursery rhymes that can be listened to or read. Every six weeks new books are added to the website, so the collection just keeps growing. Students can easily select books from a student-friendly bookroom or assignment page.

Raz-kids also has a teacher management tool for building a class roster, assigning books, and viewing reports of student reading activity. The easy-to-use website awards students points for books read and correct quiz answers.


1) Click to open a brochure about this software.

2) Click to open a brochure about this software.


  • As with all web-based applications, please be sure that your school has enough bandwidth to run the application, even when used concurrently by several students.  If you have questions about your school’s bandwidth, please contact DIIT.
  • Licensing is on a per classroom basis, of up to 36 students per classroom.


Category Requirements
Operating System
  • Macintosh or Windows environment for basic web browsing.
  • Windows must have Internet Explorer 6 (latest version preferred) or Firefox 1.0 (latest version preferred).
  • Macintosh must have Firefox 1.0 or Safari 2 (latest version preferred).
  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled.
Additional Software
  • Adobe Flash Player 8 (latest version preferred)
  • Adobe Reader (latest version preferred), Acrobat version 6 minimum.
  • Java 1.5 (latest version preferred).
  • Macintosh users will also need the latest version of QuickTime
  • Speakers or earphones for audible books.
  • Microphone for record/play back feature.
  • A minimum bandwidth of 56kbps per student (dial-up) will function. The typical Raz-Kids book has a file size of approximately 100-200KB; it downloads into the browser and plays there.\
  • Additional students using at the same time will have staggered downloads, a typical 512kbps broadband connection will serve a student lab.
Network Connectivity
  • Firewalls, proxy servers, and content filters must all permit access:

    • HTTP (TCP port 80) to
    • HTTP and HTTPS (TCP port 443) to