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Waterford Early Learning by Pearson

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Waterford Early Math and Science was designed to give students a solid foundation in math and science skills and to develop critical thinking. It was specifically designed for the early childhood population. The natural relationship between math and science are explored with two-thirds of the content focusing on math and one third of the content focusing on science. Waterford provides differentiated instruction allowing students to work at their own pace. Teachers have access to reports on individual student progress and the entire class.


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  • Schools need to purchase servers (either small classroom ones, or the large, central SQL one.
  • If they purchase the large server, they would also have to purchase SQL 2000 or 2005 Server software and operating system software for the large server.
  • There is currently no wireless solution for Waterford implementation; each access point accommodates too few workstations to make such a route worthwhile.
  • The NYCDOE has already contracted with Waterford for integration. The integrator can load software, troubleshoot problems, and do training.
  • A Waterford help desk will provide phone-in support.


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