Technical Learning Solutions

Technical Learning Solution (TLS) is a DOE initiative of the CFO in collaboration with DCP, DIIT and T&L. By leveraging the core capability of the four departments TLS is able to offer a comprehensive list of educational software to all NYC public and non-public schools at deep discount.

Participating Vendors:

Destination Math and Reading by Houghton Mifflin

Waterford Early Learning by Pearson

Raz-Kids by Learning A-Z

Encyclopedia Britannica

Earobics by Houghton Mifflin

Dimension M by Tabula Digita

Virtual Science Lab by Pearson

Orchard & Practice Planet by Siboney

Important: Please review the technical specifications located on each vendor information page prior to purchase.

How to order:

Technical Learning Solutions software titles are located in the E-Catalog on FAMIS portal; a link has been added to the search screen to make it easier to find the software.

1. Log on to FAMIS portal website
2. Click on “Purchasing”
3. Click on "Contracted"
4. Click on "E-Catalog"
5. Click on “TLS – Educational Software” (To view the software.) or
6. Click on "Computer Software" (To create the purchase order.)

To view TLS software through

1. Visit website
2. Enter email address.
3. Choose “Computer Software” from the Commodities drop down menu.
4. Click on “TLS – Educational Software.”

If you have any further questions about buying these titles please feel free to contact the Technical Learning Solutions Help Desk at 718-935-3205 or