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Steps to Add a Vendor


Click here for information on both employee reimbursement (which DOES NOT require a vendor number) and the SIPP process (which DOES require a vendor number).
Step 1:

If a vendor already has a New York City FMS vendor number go to Step 3. If you do not know, just go to the next step.
Step 2:Vendors complete the Substitute W-9 Form (see form and instructions under "Forms for Vendors" on the "Key Documents" on the right.)
 Vendors should fax the Substitute W-9 Form to you, the requestor.
Step 3:The School (or office) completes the Vendor Add Form, including the reason for addition. See the instructions on the form for where to send the W9, if required. (Note: This online form is ONLY available from an administrative computer in your school/office).
Usually, adding a vendor will require the review of the New York City Comptroller. As noted above, SIPP vendor additions require Steps 1 through 3.