Guides for Schools


Always follow instructions issued by your CFN/Central Office

Use only object code 338 to purchase NYSLIB approved materials.

Do not co-mingle other NYSLIB (LIBRARY and LIBRARY REFERENCE BOOKS) materials and/or other funding sources (other object codes) on any single order placed. NYSTL (object code 337) and/or NYSSL (object code 199) may only be used to order appropriate classroom materials.

Public Schools may purchase materials for less than $249.99 as Imprest Fund Transactions.

. Notify the Vendor to place your order
. Request that an original invoice accompany the materials delivered to   your Library.
. When you receive the materials and an original invoice, fill out an   AUTHORIZATION FOR IMPREST FUND EXPENDITURE
  (# 25-2700.06.6), available from DCP. Attach a copy of the original
  invoice to the form and get the required signatures according to the   established procedures.
. Imprest Fund transactions should be listed individually.
. Amounts spent through the Imprest Fund procedure should be deducted   from total allocations.

Purchases equal to or greater than $250 require a Contract Number and the use of a Purchase Order form, unless available for purchase through DCP's electronic purchasing system.

. All Purchase Orders must have an authorized signature.
. The school must keep a copy of the Purchase Order
. Remaining copies of the Purchase Order should be sent to your District
  or Central Business Office for encumbrance and processing of the order.
. Upon delivery, the CFN/central business office should be notified in   writing of the receipt of the materials or exceptions. (The "blue packing"   slip is currently used for this purpose).