Guides for Schools


Q. What are Audio-Visual Materials?

A. Audio-Visual materials are instructional materials such as Videotapes, Laser Discs, Audio Cassettes, Records/Compact Discs and other Multi-Media type instructional materials that have met the guidelines established by the Office of the Chancellor, and are approved for purchase by the New York City Public Schools. However, the approval and listing of AV material items that have been reviewed by the Division of Instructional Support does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by any agency of the Department of Education of New York City.

AV materials for administrative use or for a religious purpose are disallowed.

Q. In Which Catalog Do I Find DOE Approved AV Materials?
A. The Audio Visual Catalog on ShopDoE contains those AV material items that have been reviewed by the Division of Instructional Materials and have DOE contracts.

In addition all reviewed AV material items are listed in the DOE's computer database (Item Master).

What State Loan Funds Can I Use To Purchase AV Materials?

What State Loan Funds Can I Use?

A. NYSLIB (New York State Library) funds (object code 338) may be used to purchase either audio-visual materials and/or library and reference materials.

Q. How Much NYSLIB Funding Can Be Used To Purchase AV      Materials?

A. A school can choose to use all their NYSLIB funding for AV materials or apportion part for AV materials and part for traditional library/library reference books. This decision should be based on the individual school's need for the school year.

Q. Can Other Than NYSLIB Funds Be Used To Order AV      Materials?
A. NYSTL (object code 337) and/or NYSSL (object code 199) may NOT be used to order AV materials. However, other reimbursable (Title VI - Federal loan) and tax levy funded programs under instructional materials (object code 130) can be applied.