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How Do I Order

Q. How Do I Order?

A. Most AV material orders should be placed on-line through DCP's electronic purchasing system. After authorization by the CFN or corresponding central office director the order is automatically forwarded into production. There it is encumbered against the appropriate specific account in the FAMIS (accounting system) plan, the appropriate Quick Codes, Object Codes are charged accordingly, and the account balance is electronically updated by the Accounting System. At that time, A Machine Generated Order (MGO) or electronic order is created and sent to the vendor by DCP. The processing status of a requisition is available online in DCP's electronic purchasing system.

All AV material orders utilizing NYSLIB funds will be completed under Object Code 338. Do not commingle other NYSLIB (LIBRARY and LIBRARY REFERENCE BOOKS) materials and/or other funding sources (other object codes) on any single order placed.

Q. What are the Accountability Procedures?
A. A record of NYSLIB encumbrances and the balance of available NYSLIB funds are maintained in the same way as Purchase Order charges are maintained against other budget codes. By approving a NYSLIB (AV Materials) order, the school principal and CFN/Executive Director affirms that the cost of the order is within the funds available to the CFN/Central Office. The school principal further affirms that the materials requisitioned for loan will be utilized only for instructional/educational purposes, specifically excluding administrative activities and religious instruction (as required by the New York State Loan Program Regulations Sections 711 and 712 of the Education Law)

Designated school personnel certify that the materials delivered consist exclusively of what was actually ordered and not any "unauthorized" substitutions. All deliveries MUST be completed prior to the close of the fiscal year (June 30) as mandated by NYC regulations.

Q. Must NYSLIB - Acquired Materials Be Identified?

A. YES. All AV Software materials requisitioned for loan through the NYSLIB Program are the property of the New York City Department of Education and will be identified as such by use of a rubber stamp or affixed label.