Guides for Schools

What About Inventory

Q. Must An Inventory Be Maintained?

A. YES. State regulations require that inventory records for NYSLIB (AV) materials be designated as such. Inventory records may be kept manually on a catalogued card system or electronically on a district-designated computer database. Regardless of the system used, the district/central office should maintain a record of the respective library materials inventory of all the schools under their jurisdiction in one location. NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS should maintain copies of their "REQUISITION STATUS REPORT" (computerized reports) distributed by the DOE after an order is generated. Not only does this report verify that the order has been issued to a respective vendor, but it will also become a cumulative inventory record over time of all school AV materials purchased for loan to the school on behalf of the students.

Q. When Must Inventory Be Taken And Updated?

A. Annual inventory of NYSLIB materials should be taken and records updated during the year to note the current disposition of stock. The inventory system chosen should be uniform throughout the district. In all cases, records should be updated when AV materials are removed from, or added to inventory. Results of the annual inventory should be reconciled with the district's master inventory record and should be readily available for examination in reviewing and filling NYSLIB requests.

Q. How Long Must Inventory Records Be Maintained?

A. Records should be maintained for five years from the date of receipt of NYSLIB materials at the school.

Q. When Can I Discard AV Materials?

A. AV materials requested for loan for a library with reasonable care and use may be expected to last for more than one year. Materials in good condition but no longer required for use, or that may be in excess at a particular school may be transferred to another New York City School. AV materials may be discarded if it is in poor and/or unusable condition.

Q. How Can I Transfer AV Materials to Schools?

A. At the direction of the CFN superintendent/executive director, AV materials no longer required for use in the school, but in good condition should be transferred to a school that has need for them. The school must be located in NYC and can be either public or nonpublic. Appropriate notations of such transfers are made on the inventory records.

Q. How Do I Discard AV Materials?

A. Materials that meet these guidelines may be donated, sent for recycling, disposed of through incineration, or any other practical manner as authorized by the school's principal/director after approval of CFN/Central Office. All markings and evidence of New York City Department of Education ownership must be removed before disposition takes place. In all cases appropriate notations should be made on both the school and CFN's NYSLIB inventory records indicating the date and method of disposition. Schools should also note the reason for disposition.

Q. Inquiries & Instructions

A. Always follow the instructions of your CFN/Central Office.

NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS must follow instructions issued by DFO's Nonpublic School Unit. For assistance, nonpublic schools should submit their inquiries to FAX# (718) 935-2171.

For further information, please refer to NYSLIB Question and Answers.