Information for Vendors

On this page are links to open solicitations, awarded contracts and other information useful to vendors. 

The Department of Education values its relationship with its vendors. We believe that a fair, competitive process ensures value in our procurements.  We take the concerns and issues of our vendors seriously as we believe our children benefit from a process that recognizes that vendors provide valuable products and services to our students and teachers.

Important Vendor Topics 

Bidders List Update

Beginning in June, 2016, emails will be sent to vendors who have not updated their information in the Vendor Portal in the past 12 months. Vendors must follow the instructions in the email to remain on the Bidders List. Failure to respond will result in removal from the Bidders List. If you have updated your information in the Vendor Portal within the past 12 months you will not receive an email and your account will not be affected. For further assistance, please contact the Vendor Hotline at 718-935-2300 or by emailing them at .

E-Mail Address Required by Department of Education

We need to put more of the Department's resources in the classroom, and so we are advancing a number of initiatives for electronic commerce.  Accordingly, vendors must now have the ability to receive emails and access our website.
Doing Business Data Forms Now Required

All participants in NYC Department of Education procurements that are not sealed competitive bids are required to complete a "Doing Business Data Form" (link below).  See the RFP or other documentation associated with your procurement/solicitation for more information. 
The Data Form is to be returned to the Department of Education.

Electronic Funds Transfer/Direct Deposit for Vendor Payments

We have always encouraged vendors to enroll to receive electronic payments rather than paper checks.  New York City law passed in 2007 now REQUIRES participation in the program for most contracts, so if you have not signed up for electronic payments yet, please do so through the link below.

Contract Financing

The New York City Department of Education is pleased to participate in a service offered by the Department of Small Business Services, called Contract Financing, which provides short-term, working-capital for upfront expenses such as insurance, labor, and equipment for M/WBEs and other small businesses awarded contracts with the NYC Department of Education. Find out more about Contract Financing by clicking on the link below


Forms for Vendors

Schools (or other DoE offices) that wish to add a vendor to the DoE's purchasing systems should click "Forms for Schools" on the "Key Documents" on the right.

•     Apply to our Bidder's List
•     Update Bidder's List Info
•     VENDEX
•     W9 Form (PDF Format)
•     Instructions for 2014 W9 form
•     Foreign Vendor Questionnaire
•     Insurance Certification by Broker Form
•     MTAC/PQS
•     Affirmation Form
•     Sign-up for Electronic Payments From the DOE
•     Office of Equal Opportunity Contract Compliance Info & Forms
•     Doing Business Data Form   -The Data Form is to be returned to the Department of Education
•     Doing Business Data Form Questions and Answers
•     Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs)