Vendor Guide

Vendor FAQ's

Questions and Answers
We have selected the questions that are most frequently asked by prospective vendors and provide answers for you that are clear and concise.
What does the Department of Education buy? Whom does it buy from?
Is selling to the Department of Education complicated?
How do I become a vendor to the Department of Education?
What's the best way to get on a bidders list?
How will I hear about upcoming opportunities?
How does theprocurement process work?
How does the Department of Education decide who gets a contract?
Why should a small business look on the Department of Education as a good prospect for a customer?
Doesn't Department of Education contracting involvea lot of paperwork?
If I sell to the Department of Education, will my products be inspected and tested?
What can I do to increase my chances of being paid on time?
What is the Vendor Hotline number ?
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