Vendor Guide

Step 11- Whom to Contact

Throughout this guide, we have suggested that you make direct contact with the Regional Operations Centers (ROCS), schools, business managers/ officers,local procurement officers, administrative sites and/ or our purchasing agents. You are also encouraged to visit the Internet websites of both the City of New York http:// and the Division of Contracts and Purchasing Http:// for additional information regarding names, sites and locations.

You may e-mail any individual listed
in this section by addressing the e-mail to: first name.last

Purchasing and Contract Agents - Division of Contracts and Purchasing
Note: Each Purchasing Agent is a specialist assigned to a specific commodity or service.
In Step 4 of this guide,we list a Summary of Commodities contracted for by the Division of Contracts and Purchasing that are needed to assist staff in our schools and administrative sites in providing for our students the finest education offered anywhere.

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