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Step 13 - Professional Services

Students attending New York City Public Schools deserve and receive an outstanding education from caring, dedicated and highly professional teachers and other support personnel. Our schools purchase creative and innovative supplies, equipment and materials (commodities) that are used to assist its professional staff in enhancing the educational experiences of our students. Another major purchase used to further enhance our students' educational, social and cultural experiences, is the procurement of professional services* that will both directly and indirectly influence our students and the many professionals that work side-by-side with them.

A professional service is work performed by a person(s), organization or corporation having a specialized knowledge. Often, the professional service provider requires long and intensive academic preparation.

Professional services are also purchased by other facilities within the New York City Public School System which includes District Offices, Financial Management Centers (FMCs) and other administrative sites. Our schools and offices may purchase professional services in the following areas:

 Staff Development in all curriculum areas including instructional support of artistic and educational programs.

 Program Evaluation

 Curriculum development

 Direct Student Services (e. g., psychological and other related services)

 Artistic performances and educational programs and services offered by cultural institutions and arts organizations, which may be provided under the Department of Education's Listing Application Process (See Step 5).

 Information Technology

 Management Consultant


 Health-Related Services

  In this Step, we will discuss how you may sell your professional service to our schools and administrative sites. Also included, is a discussion of a "Request for Proposal (RFP)."

Note: Most of the professional services alluded to above, are usually purchased centrally or through district offices. Current procurement regulations now give schools greater flexibility in purchasing. Therefore, there will be times when individual schools/ sites may purchase these services directly from you.

Why Competitive Bidding?

A basic philosophy prevails that governs the identification and subsequent purchase of a particular professional service by a school or administrative site. This underlying philosophy is that this service will be in the best interest of the students and staff of the public school system. One method of ensuring this is to have contract awards made through a competitive process. This involves soliciting proposals from at least three (3) vendors and
establishing a method for selecting the vendor.

When deciding on which vendor to choose for a professional service, price is not necessarily the sole determinant. The selection is being made based on a set of criteria, such as a vendor's experience, quality of past performance, etc. Once the selection is made, the school/ site must document the criteria used. This process provides taxpayers with the greatest assurance that professional services are procured in the most prudent and economical manner, that professional services of desired quality are being acquired based on the best value and that procurements are reasonable and not influenced by favoritism, fraud or corruption.

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