Vendor Guide

Step2 - General Information

If you have a product or service to sell, it's probably something that the Department of Education buys. Each year, the Department of Education purchases approximately $1 billion dollars worth of goods, services, maintenance materials and construction-related services for our schools, offices and other administrative sites throughout the city.
We purchase materials ranging from paper clips to "state of the art" computers. We also contract for professional services and programs offered by cultural institutions and arts organizations.

We purchase for one purpose only - to provide our students, staff, parents and community with all that is necessary to ensure that our schools operate safely and securely, while providing supplies, equipment, materials and services that will support a positive learning environment. Enhancing the classroom experience is our ultimate goal.
In Step 4, we list a summary of the Commodities contracted for by the Division of Contracts and Purchasing (DCP) that are needed to help our students receive the finest "quality education" offered anywhere and required by our administrative offices so that personnel may function on the highest levels. The various "Trade Name" categories the Division of School Facilities (DSF) contracts with to repair and maintain our schools ensuring that all learn and teach in a safe and secure environment, are listed in Step 7. It would be to your advantage to review both listings to ensure that the products/ services you offer are in fact purchased by us.

Who is Responsible for Department of Education Purchases?
The Division of Contracts and Purchasing (DCP) is the procurement arm of the Department of Education. It is the primary responsibility of this office to establish Board-wide "Requirements Contracts" for supplies, equipment and services used by over 1200 schools and administrative offices (see Step 4).

Although schools and offices may purchase on their own directly from vendors (see Step 3), DCP attempts to consolidate procurements under one contract thereby operating more efficiently and economically.

Note: Districts and administrative units may purchase directly from vendors if the goods/ services required are under a certain monetary threshold (see Step 3). Vendors should attempt to contact individual schools, district offices or other administrative sites if they wish to avail themselves of this alternative. Please see Step 11 for a complete listing of business managers/ officers, superintendents, local contracting officers and purchasing agents.