Vendor Guide


Schools and other educational /administrative sites within the New York City Public School System require supplies, equipment and materials to ensure that students have all that is required for a high quality education. Staff must also have the necessary teaching and administrative "tools" so that
our students do in fact, receive the "quality education" they deserve. Most purchases by schools and administrative sites are made through the Formal Method (see Step 4). Our schools and offices have the option of purchasing directly from vendors, provided certain regulations are followed and monetary thresholds met. Listed below are the ways purchases can be made directly by the school/unit.
1. No Competitive Bidding Required
($1 - $250)
A school or other unit within the Public School System may purchase needed educational and/ or administrative items from any vendor they wish if the purchase does not exceed $250.00. Orders may be issued on school or office letterhead or through a purchase order. Procedures are in
place for prompt payment to vendors via a small purchase payment system (Imprest Fund). This is a very simple and easy way for you to do business with us. Direct contact with the district, school and/ or office is the best way to introduce yourself and your product/ service.

2. Telephone Bids

($ 251-$ 5,000)
Purchases greater than $250 but not in excess of $5,000 can be made by any school or unit by simply soliciting three telephone bids. The low bidders will usually get their business provided the terms and conditions of the purchase can be met. Orders are made through the issuance of purchase order. Who shall they call? Why not you? Again, we recommend direct contact with district offices and schools (see Step 11) so that you may introduce yourself and your product/ service. In most cases, payment for items ordered this way are processed according to the procedures outlined in Step 8 of this brochure.

3. Price Quotation in Writing
or Fax
($ 5,001-$ 10,000)
If purchases are from $5,001 to $10,000, schools or other units within the Public School System may solicit vendors by requesting a Price Quotation in Writing/
Fax. Schools are required to solicit a minimum of three quotations. The award is usually made to the lowest responsive bidder. Once again, schools or other units will usually solicit vendors that are known to them.
We therefore suggest that you make direct contact with the school or office so that they are aware of your product or service. Although the school or unit is not required to call you for a written quotation, the chances are they will go to someone who they know either through recommendations or personal visits. Orders are made through the use of a purchase order and payment to you is made quite promptly following the procedures outlined in Step 8

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