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Step 4 -The Formal (Requirements) Contract Through the Division of Contracts and Purchasing (DCP)

In this step, we will discuss how to sell to the Department of Education the thousands of commodities needed to educate our students, provide them with arts and cultural experiences, render services to our schools and offices and supply the items needed to support our administrative sites.

Procurement for the New York City Department of Education, is generally a competitive process. As indicated in Step 3, the method of procurement depends on the specific dollar thresholds and the value of the goods or services.

Purchases anticipated to be in excess of $25,000 on an annual basis require a public advertisement, sealed bids and a formal contract, sometimes referred to as a "Requirements Contract." This becomes an agreement between the Department of Education and vendors to provide materials and services to any operating unit within the New York City School System. These contracts are established for a specified period of time, during which orders may be placed against them. Such contracts specify unit of measure, price per unit, specifications, an estimate of quantities to be ordered, etc.

It would be to your advantage to bid for a formal Board-wide Requirements Contract, especially if many schools or offices within the New York City Public School System have been going to you directly for needed commodities/services. If our schools or offices have come to you directly, then why not bid for a formal contract? By doing so you make your company and its products/ services available to our entire school system. By doing this, your company is automatically placed in our "state of the art" computer purchasing system referred to as "Fastrack." Schools and other sites within our school system will now be able to order needed items that you hold a formal contract for (a holder of a "Requirements Contract") by simply going to their Automate the Schools (ATS) terminal.You will be glad you exercised this option, since it will "open many doors" for you that would not have been possible if you were not the holder of a formal contract.

Listed below are the commodities contracted for by the Division of Contracts and Purchasing that are needed to assist our staff in providing for our students the finest education offered anywhere. Our administrative offices require many of these commodities so that personnel may function on the highest levels providing support services to our schools. Please review this listing to ensure that we in fact purchase the products/services you offer. Immediately following this listing, are the procedures you must follow if you wish to establish a Formal Contract (Requirements Contract) with the Division of Contracts and Purchasing.

Summary of Commodities

Adaptive and Augmentative Equipment
Artistic Performances (Culture/ Arts)
Listing Applications Athletic Supplies/ Equipment Audio Visual Equipment and Software Computer Hardware and Software Custodial Equipment and Supplies Courier Services Educational Toys, Games and Musical Instruments Food, Cafeteria Equipment and Supplies General Supplies and Furniture Home Economics Equipment/ Supplies and Science Library Books Office Machines, Supplies and Copiers Printing Telecommunication Equipment Textbooks
Transportation  Vocational Education

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