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Step 5-Listing Applications and Sole Source Contracts

 Listing Applications are Board-wide contracts that are used for the purchase of sole source materials and services and are established when the anticipated Board-wide expenditure in one fiscal year is expected to exceed $25,000. These agreements are not subject to competitive bidding requirements when the prospective contractor is the artist/ performer of the cultural institution or the sole source supplier of a product. Most Listing Applications have a term of two years (five years for Library Books and fifteen years for Textbooks), and all schools may order the items listed.

A Listing Application is a type of requirements contract used for the purchase of published or copyrighted materials (newspapers, magazines, textbooks, test materials, etc.), the artistic performance of specific artists or groups of artists,
and the payment of admission fees to a cultural institution and their programs. Also, "Sole Source," a term indicating that a service is unique and cannot be duplicated by another may be considered for a Listing Application or for a formal "Requirements Contract" as well.
Note: Both a Listing Application and a Sole Source agreement do not require the bidding process, yet it still will require a contract if Board-wide usage is expected to be in excess of $25,000.

Procedures for the Establishment of Listing Applications and Sole Source Contracts for Educational Services
The superintendent or vendor contacts the Division of Contracts and Purchasing to request the establishment of a Listing Application (except for textbook vendors) from:

Mr. Steven Cruz
Division of Contracts and Purchasing
65 Court Street
Room 1202
Brooklyn, NY 11201
The Division of Contracts and Purchasing assigns a Vendor Code and forwards to the vendor two copies each of our Standard Form of Contract (No. 1942-RA) and the Application for Approval and Establishment of a Contract Form (PCM-1P).
Note: The Vendor Code is not a contract number, but a number used by the Department of Education for identification purposes only.
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